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I'm just a makeup lover who still hasn't mastered a winged liner!

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Nobody’s Beauty Guru was born when Dani and Julie realized that despite their obsession with makeup and beauty products they just wanted to have fun with it. Sure you can watch YouTube videos by beauty gurus or follow beauty bloggers who have millions of followers on social media, studio lighting, and are licensed makeup articles…but wouldn’t it be more fun to follow women just like you?

Yes, we want to learn more about beauty and hear reviews and recommendations on products, but why not do it together? We wanted to create a place where we can all play with beauty side by side. There’s no gurus here, just women who love makeup and we’re glad you joined us.

Julie Zantopoulos is a makeup addict who loves playing with color (especially on her hair) and new products. She walks a fine line between makeup enthusiast and collector/hoarder but tries to keep her urge to buy the latest and greatest in check even if she mostly fails. She has an entire shelf of ‘YouTube made me buy it’ products and she doesn’t regret a single one. She’d kill to have her lashes hold a curl and is constantly on the hunt for the perfect mascara.

Julie’s skin is fair to light with cool neutral to cool undertones and her naturally curly hair is insanely color treated.

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Dani is by no means a beauty guru (she has yet to even purchase a beauty blender), but loves connecting with other wonderful humans and chatting about all things beauty. She has a serious obsession with skincare, finding the perfect nude lippie and gets satisfaction not only in buying new products but seeing photos of them. It’s like drinking a nice glass of red wine, with a side of dark chocolate, while on a Netflix binge… Is she right?!  Come geek out with her! Share your suggestions, what you love and what some of your holy grail items are.

Dani’s skin has yellow undertones, her shade is light-medium and she has brown, naturally curly hair.

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